About Robby Korth

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I’m a higher education reporter with The Roanoke Times and a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. To me, the most appealing thing about journalism is variety.

At The Roanoke Times, I’ve reported stories that have led to resignations and policy changes. I’ve produced an Apple featured podcast. I’ve covered breaking news and spun out in-depth and entertaining features.

Gaining all these insights is rewarding. I relish the opportunity to experience and explain alternative facets of a community in an effort to help readers understand the world around them.

But one thing never changes whether I’m writing a 3,000 word story or a blog post or brief: My passion for fair, accurate storytelling.

I feel that’s my strongest attribute.

To learn more about the actual stories I’ve created, check out the individual pages on this site.

You can reach me at robbykorth@gmail.com.