About Robby Korth

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I’m a higher education reporter with The Roanoke Times and a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a Bachelor’s of Journalism and minor in political science. And to me, the most appealing thing about journalism is variety.

By reporting across the country, I’ve met a wide variety of people and learned a lot along the way. I’ve been on assignment in Yellowstone National Park, crowded courtrooms and the homes of folks who so rarely make the news. I’ve roamed the halls of state capitals and Congressional buildings. I’ve had in-depth interviews with subjects ranging from pageant queens to criminals.

Gaining all these insights is fun and rewarding. And I relish the opportunity to experience alternative facets of a community and to go into work with little idea of what the day might throw at me.

But one thing never changes whether I’m writing a 50-inch story or a 6-inch brief: My passion for storytelling.

I feel that’s my strongest attribute.

To learn more about the actual stories I’ve created, check out the individual pages on this site.

You can reach me at robbykorth@gmail.com